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Quick Review! Supermoon Lacquer

Hey Y’all!

I’ve got a quickie review this week on Supermoon Lacquer! For those of you who don’t know, Supermoon Lacquer is a newbie indie brand (yay!) that just released her first collection, “Ready to Launch” at the beginning of this month. I had joined the Facebook fan group for Supermoon Lacquer in anticipation to the release! It’s a lot of fun in there, and Mardi (owner/maker) is so fun and brings so much personality to her brand! She also owns The Howling Boutique where she makes and sells the cutest jewelry, so make sure to check that out too!

“Galactic Halo”

Now, this is just a quickie review mainly because mama’s *trying* to be financially responsible and could only get one polish at the time of the release ^_^ But! I plan on getting the whole collection in the near future! I loved this one so much. The  “Ready to Launch” is seriously the most well put-together first release I’ve seen. I love the theme of launching her first collection and the collection being space themed! I’m nerdy like that, ha!!

“Galactic Halo”

So, I bought “Galactic Halo.” This seemed to be the most popular color from the launch (from what I’ve noticed) but I seriously wanted all of them, but this is what I went with! “Galactic Halo” is a beautiful purple holo, with a little blue shift in it! I also noticed shifts of pink in it, but it’s not as strong as the blue.

“Galactic Halo” in two coats + top coat
Shade shot for blue shift! + Kali Luna in the back ❤

The formula on this particular polish was great! I got opacity in 2 easy coats. It’s a little thicker than I personally like (idk if you can tell, but I like my polishes super thin, heh) but there were no problems with the quality or  integrity of the formula, or the application of the polish. I wore this for a few days to work and I had no problems with long term wear either, so I am ALL about it! You can see a live swatch of this polish up on my IG page, @andysphalanges.

“Galactic Halo”

Overall, I LOVE this polish. I think Mardi did a FABULOUS job with the entire collection and I am anticipating her sophomore release! 10 for 10, would buy again 😉

Impromptu sun-shot

This polish is currently out of stock in the shop, so make sure to keep an eye on her social media to check up on restocks! And don’t forget to join the fan group!

The Howling Boutique – Supermoon Lacquer

Supermoon IG



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