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The Howling Boutique’s Supermoon Lacquer – July 2016 Special Edition Duo Swatch & Review

Howdy Y’all!

Today I’ve FINALLY got swatches and a review of Supermoon Lacquer by The Howling Boutique’s July 2015 Special Edition Duo! These polishes were sent to me free of charge for my honest review and thoughts. This duo consists of two polishes (duh, lol) one from Mardi’s “Mentor Project” and the other is a Wolf Pack group polish. Both polishes are currently up in the The Howling Boutique shop. Don’t forget to check out the rest of The Howling Boutique for beautiful hand painted glass jewelry! Now onto the polishes 😀


Mardi’s “Mentor Project” is an ongoing collection in which Mardi honors different indies who have helped her on her indie journey! This month’s polish was inspired by Taryn of Anchor & Heart Lacquer and guess. what. this. polish. is. called. “It’s Taryn Up My Heart” !!! The N*SYNC fan girl in me is freaking out. “It’s Taryn Up My Heart” is a jewel-toned teal polish with blue and turquoise shimmer AND holo. YASSS HOLO. YASSS SHIMMER.

This little beauty went on in 2 coats and was the perfect consistency! BUT. Let me tell you that it was basically opaque in one coat. I think it would just depend on your application.



Next is the group custom, “Wolf Rayet.” This polish is exclusive to members of the group, so make sure to join, here, so you can get in on this polish action! We, the people, voted on the color and Mardi drew inspiration from wolf’s fur. She named the polish after Wolf Rayet stars which are suuuuuuper bright stars that I don’t really understand… But so dope!

This polish was also pretty much opaque in one coat, I did two for safe measure and to deepen that beautiful gray color.


The duo is currently available in The Howling Boutique shop along with Mardi’s home-run first collection, “Ready to Launch.” Don’t forget to join the Wolf Pack so you can grab “Wolf Rayet.”

My #andysliveswatches of these two pretties are up on my IG, here.

Here are some useful Supermoon Lacquer links:

The Howling Boutique

The Howling Boutique’s Wolf Pack

The Howling Boutique – Facebook

The Howling Boutique – Instagram

Until next time! ❤




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