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“I Am Cannibal” by Supermoon Lacquer Collection Review

Hi y’all!

Today I have The Howling Boutique’s Supermoon Lacquer “I Am Cannibal” Collection! This collection is Supermoon’s second collection/third release, and is inspired by the song Cannibal by Kesha (one of Mardi’s faves!) These polishes were sent to me free of charge for my honest opinion and review. The “I Am Cannibal” Collection is available in The Howling Boutique now, here! I hope you’ll enjoy my review, let’s go!


First up, “Boys for Breakfast (And Lunch)” is a gorgeous duochrome/shimmer that shifts from dark indigo to bright purple. When I first saw the sneak peeks for this collection this is the polish that caught my eye first- so elegant! This polish was opaque for me in two coats.



“Carnivore Animal” is a super awesome, super shifty, scattered holographic duochrome with shimmer that shifts from green to orange in a dark read base. The color of this polish goes so well with the name of the polish. The formula of this polish was great and was opaque in 2 easy coats! Check out the live swatch of this one, you can TOOOOTALLY see that green/orange shift!



Next up is, “You’ll Be A Goner,” is a whimsical light purple polish with turquoise shimmer. This polish also has holo microglitters that add a beautiful sparkle. “You’ll Be A Goner” was a solid two coats for me. Perfect formula, like the others! I love the girly quality in this one 🙂



“Now I’m Gonna Eat You Fool” is a cute baby-aqua blue with rainbow shimmer, subtle pearl microflakies and of course holo! I personally LOVE blues, and this one is a the perfect shade with a fabulous formula. While you could get pretty close to 100% opaque in one coat, I suggest using two.



I think “I Warned You” has been a crowd favorite among my friends so far. It’s a gorgeous, organgey-neon-coral with AH-Mazing gold shimmer, flakies, and holo running throughout. Again, pretty close to opaque in one coat, but I do 2 for good measure.



“You Better Run” is a bubbly pink polish filled with purple to red shimmer, flakies, and of course, holo! This polish is one of my favorites in the collection. Same formula as the others, quick dry time, and opaque in 2 coats. Love this girly color!



“The Kinda Guy I’d Stalk in School” is a fun turquoise/aqua green with pretty shimmer and green micro flakes. This polish is prrrrretty much a one coater, but I’m apparently religious about doing at least two coats haha!



Last but not least, “The Hunger!” This beauty is SO HOLOGRAPHIC. When I wear it I can’t stop wiggling my fingers, and I love the duochrome as well! This polish is a solid two coater, and formula is perfect ❤


Overall, this collection was amazing. Mardi never fails with her formulas and attention to details. I love how the colors reflected both the crazed, dark, lyrics of the song, with the bubbly-ness of the beat and Kesha’s persona. I loved the way the lighter/pastel colors completely compliment each other, while the dark colors really stood out and are so unique. I definitely recommend picking up this set!

Again, these polishes are now available in The Howling Boutique’s Shop. Make sure to join the Wolf Pack on FB for special polishes and fun!

For live swatches, check out my IG, here.

Until next time,



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