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Quick Review: Supermoon Lacquer “You Down With MLP?”

Hey Everyone! & Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a safe and fun Halloween! My plans consist of hanging out with my fur babies, passing out candy, possibly carving a pumpkin, and watching Halloweentown (my fave, even when it’s not Halloween)!

Although my review for this post isn’t necessarily Halloween related, it’s still an exciting one because it’s a Supermoon Lacquer and I love Supermoons! “You Down With MLP?” is Supermoon Lacquer’s contribution to November’s Polish Pick Up and I was sent this polish free of charge for my honest review.


image1 (1)

This month’s Polish Pick Up theme is Fandoms and if you know Mardi you know one of her favorites is My Little Pony and yes, the polish’s name, “You Down With MLP?” was a play on the song “O.P.P” by Naughty by Nature! (love it!)

Inspired by the original “Generation 1” My Little Ponies, this polish  is officially described as a “pale blue, scattered holographic with green/blue/purple, turquoise/purple/red, and red/orange/gold color-shifting shimmer, rainbow pearl flakies, clear and silver holographic microglitter, iridescent rainbow microglitter, and iridescent teal/blue and blue/purple color-shifting microglitter.”


Whew! You got all of that? LOL! It is definitely one of those polishes that lets you catch different sparkle qualities in different light! When I was wearing it I spent a lot of time looking at my nails and wiggling them around my face just to see if I could catch all the different dimensions to this polish!


One thing I love about Supermoon Lacquer is the amazing formula! Typically, Supermoons go on in 1-2 coats and “You Down With MLP?” is no exception! I did all of my swatches in two thin coats + top coat. The formula for me is a little on the thick side, but not in a bad way, more-so in the way that this polish will go where you put it and stay there! I wore this polish for a week and I experienced very minimal wear (except for a spot where I accidentally filed my nail, whoops!)

Captured on a walk, in sunshine! Note a week’s worth of wear and tear. This formula is SOLID!

You can check out my quick live swatch video to see how this polish applies in real time  up on my Instagram: @andysphalanges!

All-in-all, “You Down with MLP?” is a beautiful polish that could be worn all year round and is perfect for these colder months we’ve got coming up in the US! If you’ve never tried Supermoon Lacquer now’s a great chance!

“You Down with MLP?” will be available for pre-order this Friday, November 3rd on the Polish Pick Up website, here!

Don’t forget to join the Howling Boutique’s Wolf Pack fan group on Facebook to be apart of the Supermoon action!

Until next time!




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